Which is the best compact diesel model?

Which is the best compact diesel model?

Nitrogen oxides, CO2, fine particulate matter, manipulated data on diesel engines - for many, these things start to mean something just when their wallet is affected. If you travel long distances and keep track of costs, the TDI concept will still be relevant to you. Its 1.6 i-DTEC diesel engine even meets the stringent emission standard Euro 6d-TEMP. Are these environmentally friendly robots and 120 hp enough? at an impressive cost of just 3.5 liters of diesel to defeat the proven competition? Among the other participants in the test is the champion in the Golf TDI class. Its 1.6-liter engine is 115 hp. and according to manufacturer's data it only spends 4.1 liters per 100 km. A decent opponent of the"Japanese"is also the Hyundai i30 CRDi. With 110 hp at a cost of 3.8 liters the"Korean"is at the VW level. Renault Mégane dCi has even 130 hp. Indeed, the diesel engine burns the fuel more efficiently, that is, it spends less. According to the manufacturer, the car costs only 4 liters. Although not so common in Germany, this model is interesting in itself and because of its low base price: the 3.7 liter Fiat Tipo with 120 hp. Which of us most finances most - and the environment? And in Germany a liter of diesel costs about 40 cents less than gasoline. More expensive gasoline engines are coming out, which are also fueling higher CO2 values. Especially interesting in this aspect is the class of compact cars. Preferred segment, practical sizes, reasonable prices. We think these (anti-SUV) models definitely have a future. The choice is great anyway. The newest member is Honda Civic.

5. Fiat Tipo 1.6 Multijet

Which is the best compact diesel model?  1

Tipo MultiJet is a lucrative and fast acceleration

+ Powerful accelerator, lucrative, easy to manage - a carefree assistant in everyday life.

- Relatively high maintenance costs, rather non-modern equipment, noisy diesel engine.

BEFORE THE PLASMASS AND THE ORGANIZER, the setting is rustic, but somehow honest and sympathetic. Cockpit control is easy, the instruments are read very well, and the seats offer comfort and good support. The engine works a bit harder, but subjectively does its job very well. Indeed, 1.6 MultiJet shows good acceleration values. If you fall into the typical character of a diesel car, then buy Tipo! The suspension is not sport-tight, but it's not too soft. In everyday life we ​​were disturbed by the noise of the 18-inch wheels. The consolation is that Tipo is quite profitable. The basic price is BGN 35 500 and includes extras such as air conditioning, USB and more.

Which is the best compact diesel model?  2

A clean, slightly dull cockpit, a powerful 320 Nm at 1750 rpm

Which is the best compact diesel model?  3

4. Renault Megane dCi 130

Which is the best compact diesel model?  4

Mégane in five-seater version with Coupé line

+ Good drive, rich multimedia equipment, great payload.

- Limited rear seat, bad body.

We start with the SUMMARY: the French can make good diesel engines. The dCi in Mégane unleashes its power silently and almost without any vibration. By intercity you will be moving calmly and unobtrusively. It's just a shame that the transmission is a little inaccurate. On paper, Mégane is the most powerful and outpouring his opponents in the sprint - he spends very little. The rest of our impressions from Renault: a little confused logic of cockpit control (through the touchscreen), lack of space in the rear seat, and instead of a sturdy lateral support for the upper body, the seats offer soft side parts.

Which is the best compact diesel model?  5

A little confusing driving, a quiet dCi engine with 320 Nm

Which is the best compact diesel model?  6

3. Honda Civic 1.6 i-DTEC

Which is the best compact diesel model?  7

Big Snout: Civic is sporty. Generally, it is rather a generous talent

+ Low emissions, good sprinter qualities, everyday suspension, good braking.

- The most expensive car in the test, a bad overview, a non-flexible concept of the interior space.

GIVEN ONE TIME... an ingenious car. His name was Honda Civic. Suspensions deal with rough unevenness but does not like transverse joints. And the clutch pedal could be softer. The rear axle lacks stability for quick riding and a better rating in the security section. However, the best brakes balance this little mistake. Functional concept of seat folding, sports suspension, silent engines, original design. Civic was both good and different. And now? It's still different - but nothing more. For example, the flexibility: folding the rear seat gives a load surface with a foot. The proposed front location is good, but behind it there is no space for the passengers' heads. Additionally, the sitting position behind is inconvenient. The diesel engine is ecological (Euro 6d), but unfortunately at load and high revs it becomes loud.

Which is the best compact diesel model?  8

Inconspicuous rear seat position, engine is ecological - meets Euro 6d. 300 Nm at 2000 rpm for the 1.6-liter diesel engine.

Which is the best compact diesel model?  9

Which is the best compact diesel model?  10

Which is the best compact diesel model?  11

Beautiful? Um... Civic at least looks different