Which are the best middle class SUVs?

Which are the best middle class SUVs?

SEARCHING PARTNER? In life? All of them care for families, with reasonable 2-liter diesel engines, stable dual-drive and automatic speeds. Despite our efforts alone, Volvo participated in the manual gearbox test. Which of the best friends will also be suitable as a life partner? You can read on the following pages. For good and bad times? No, forget about sites and dating agencies. You'll find the right one with AUTO BILD. At least when it comes to cars. Powerful, reliable and spacious - that's what it should be - more economical and profitable. We have five middle-class SUVs for you. The new in the BMW X3 20d is facing not only against Germany but also against European competition. It includes the old Mercedes GLC, which is on the market since September 2015, the Audi Q5 and the Alfa Romeo Stelvio launched in early 2017, as well as the Volvo XC60, which has been looking for friends since July last year.

5. Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2 Diesel Q4

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  1 SCR catalyst will be in the third quarter

+ The space and rack offered are of the usual size, agile bike, 5 year warranty.

- Driving quite tight, bad overview, weakest brakes, too short seats.

You do not need to say JULIA to love this Romeo. But it helps. No one needs it - even Julia. Stelvio is doing a lot of work to make it appealing to a wider audience. The place is at the level of competitors - as long as you opt out of the panoramic roof. It makes the interior space considerably brighter, but it costs 3800 leva extra as well as takes the place above the heads. The boot seats up to 1600 liters - just like in BMW or Benz. A slightly rattling 2.2-liter motor is very agile and sprinted as fast as 100 km / h. We are walking a certain distance. And they immediately start to get nervous about the tight suspension, the short seats, the very sensitive and light driving, and the modest overview. As with XXL, the gear shift levers that override the turn signal switches and wipers.


The optional panorama roof is expensive from the headspace, but you'll feel comfortable in Stelvio. The cockpit is okay and the steering wheel levers are disturbing.

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  2

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  3

4. Volvo XC60 D4 AWD

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  4

+ Reasonably offered place, the only one in the test meets the Euro 6d TEMP standard, a good impression of quality.

- The seats are not big enough, the engine is a bit restrained, the cockpit control distracts you, the best braking distance (35.2 m).

EVERYONE IS HAPPY. In Volvo they want to get rid of the diesel engine - it is with the XC60 D4 that we liked it so much. The XC60 is the only TouchCanded touch probe - it distracts too much during the movement. It does not matter, the important thing is that it still exists. Meanwhile even with an SCR catalyst. The engine even meets the Euro 6d TEMP norm - the only one in our test. Sturdy in terms of pollutant emissions, soft in essence - the 2-liter biturbo unit likes calmness rather than high engine speeds as it lags behind its counterparts in the sprint. Suspension and steering are also on the soft wave. The"Swede"is quite rocking when driving on poor road surfaces. The management also states,"Hey, I'm not an athlete!"And nice that is - XC60 customers prefer comfort and convenience. Our little seats and the cockpit driving through a tablet made us very impressed.


The XC60 is quite cozy. Here the passengers in the rear seat will have the most space. Managing the monitor on a tablet is not very successful.

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  5

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  6

3. Mercedes GLC 250 d 4Matic

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  7

+ Suspension and steering are pleasantly balanced, well-placed, powerful engine.

- A little lag behind in assistants and multimedia, the engine is slightly noisy, the equipment is not in the mood.

THE BEST OR NOTHING? Nonsense! GLC proves it in an impressive way. The oldest model in our test (debut in 2015) is convincing - but not with absolute achievements, but rather with its balance. We ride quietly on the comfortable seat upholstery, enjoy the soft (but not rocking) ride comfort and let us be pleasantly guided by the gently rushing diesel engine. This Benz is a real surprise - doing a great job without making us nervous. Better just can not be. The poorly-heard voice command system (BMW's understanding of us much better), the missing cross-vehicle warning assistant (offered by everyone, Volvo even in series) or the simple graphics on the navigation map give the age of GLC. All this will be corrected with the model's facelift.


Typical Mercedes: top-of-the-line monitor, automatic steering wheel lever, left-hand switch overloaded. At the back he sits very comfortably.

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  8

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  9

2. Audi Q5 2.0 TDI Quattro

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  10

+ High ride comfort, excellent sound insulation, decent location.

- Too easy to control, the motor lacks temperament in the upper range, only two years warranty.

GOSPODIN PERFEKTEN would be a suitable name for Q5. The Audi is spacious, finely crafted and perfectly soundproof against external noise. The fact that a TDI engine is working on the front is rather supposed to be than hearing. However, the Q5 failed to climb the highest step in our test. Because it sometimes overtakes the isolation of the driver from the outside world. For example, with a gentle and less computerized control compared to the X3, or with a little braking in the high engine rev range. The strengths of the Ingolstadt model are the air suspension (4256 leva), which rides great on most road surfaces. Only at high speed and in not so good flooring the suspension will harden. If Audi had given more than a tiny two-year warranty, they could also take first place.


We have no complaints about furniture, maybe only the buttons on the center console are a bit low. The rear seat is okay, with the width of the rear seat being the best in the test.

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  11

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  12

1. BMW X3 xDrive20d

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  13

+ Delightful road behavior, seating as a measure, precise steering, fast automatic transmission, 2 years warranty.

- The tightened suspension does not fully absorb rough roughness, the rear cover opens too low.

SUV PRODUCED ACCORDING TO THE BAVARIAN LAW - The X3 is a delight for BMW fans. As well as having many talents, the fine-looking high-seating model is also dynamic. Here the X3 is not the largest, but it's far from narrow. Furthermore, the model raises its passengers with perfectly arranged seats, and the driver has a close friendship with the brilliant iDrive cockpit management concept. Larger drivers will grumble a little. The reason: The headrests of the front seats rest on the shoulders. Such a thing should be provided by the Automobile Law on the Purity of Norms. The small 20d with 190 hp. rather, it satisfies our basic needs rather than the hunger for power, but it is presented at a very decent level. During the acceleration of the mountain stretch, the Bavarian deployed its full potential. The precision steering guides the 1.9-ton SUV in the bends effortlessly, while the tight suspension and dual drive give it an excellent grip. The nimble 8-speed transmission always finds the perfect gear ratio. Pleasure is great, though incomplete on poor quality floorings. Of course, such a mid-range SUV should offer more. For example a place.


Cockpit with large monitor, excellent voice command control and iDrive. Reasonably offered place.

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Which are the best middle class SUVs?  15

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  16

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  17

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  18

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  19

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  20


Each of these five SUVs has the qualities of a best friend - in this absolute best friend. BMW for Dynamic, Audi for technocrats, Mercedes and Volvo - for connoisseurs. And Alfa? For individualists.

Which are the best middle class SUVs?  21 Appearance X3 supports our familiar course. The more exciting is under the sheets