Vlado Iliev: 70 years of full gas

Vlado Iliev: 70 years of full gas

Everyone knows the evergreen Vladimir Iliev as father and creator of the eight-time national rally champion Dimitar Iliev. Few people, however, are well aware of Iliev's senior stalling career - and even less aware that the notorious Velko Kanev and Vlado beat the IFAs in the"Loving Stubborn"kiosk and almost perish in the pursuit between UAZ and Polish Fiat that in the Spas and Nelly Paths. AUTO BILD Bulgaria meets with one of the fathers of modern Bulgarian motor sport on its seventh anniversary

They say it is not important how much you are, but how much you feel. In this line of thought - how much do you become today?

70 years for some are a lot to me for a moment, I blew them imperceptibly through the exhaust of the cars. So... I think I'm just getting into my adult age. I feel fully capable and loaded with ideas and a desire to work, even though I am a retiree for 10 years.

What are moments from your stunt and motorist career that will stay forever in your heart?

The best thing about motor sport is that each participant is a winner. I can even claim for my career that I've had a stronger experience at times when I did not become the first. It would be hard to determine what are my strongest moments, because in our sport you are always going to the maximum and you win when you participate - not when you finish first. Because you are defeating yourself.

As for the cascades - I got to become a stuntman because I wanted to see where the limit of the cars was. There, the goal may be to turn them around, but on the other hand to get into the role of the hero. I have over 50 movies and I dare say that all of them are equally valuable and expensive to me. However, I will always remember a comic situation from the Spas and Nelly Paths. Then we had built a market that we had to destroy with cars. Our appointment with the director was to leave when he removed his hand from the helmet, visible from afar - then the communication technique had not progressed as much as today. And the director spoke to the operator who asked him -"When will they go?" The director replied -"When he waved his hand"and instinctively waved. The next step was the gas and the market was destroyed - unplanned... And so it had to be built again and shoot the invasion again the next day.

What did the car sport give you and what did you get?

I think we are all debtors in this sport. We take it with both hands and our lives are filled with strong experiences. And we get something that everybody wants, but not everyone can get. I would not say that he has taken me - neither in terms of the time lost nor the money given. I am grateful to the sport.

What is the main thing that prevents the automobile development in our country?

In any case, there is no lack of desire for the exercise of sport. Perhaps, our sport is not well accepted in society, there are not enough good regulatory documents. I will give just one example - there is no registration for racing cars in Bulgaria. It turns out that all the cars you see on the routes are illegal. And that's just one of the gaps that prevents us from regulating in society.

Do you have a favorite pilot?

I have a lot - and I have always appreciated and respected my competitors and their efforts to defeat me. From my childhood, however, I remember the names of people I am debtor of - the people who have taught me the sport. From my childhood, I remember all my teachers - the Bardarov brothers (Vasko and Roumen), later - Eng. Radoslav Bogoev, after which I had the chance to be spotted by Jordan Toplodolski, with whom we achieved the first Eastern European title in 1973, which gave the strong push of the automotive sport in Bulgaria. Later another of my idols, Iliya Chubrikov, was my coach, and then I became his co-owner.

And internationally?

Yes, of course, Walter Röhrl, with whom I had the honor to compete.

If he had all the power in the state, what would you do to stop the war on the roads?

I would make the automobile sport a mass - because the main cause of road accidents is in people. And even if they try to keep the rules, they can get into dangerous situations on the road, where they do not know how to react. It is in such situations that our competitors are prepared to react better, they can react in any stress situation properly. This is what car sports do - but regrettably governments have not understood it in recent years. Scandinavian countries, Germany, France - all these countries are given as an example of traffic safety and they are the most developed car sport. Let the governors make their own...