Used wholesale cars: Nobody is sitting here for long

Used wholesale cars: Nobody is sitting here for long

EARLY SOUTHERN, before the gates are open, every customer can feel the situation that is in the Aut Autohus dealership. There is a queue of caravans waiting to be able to meet daily needs. 70 cars are normal for one day, and on strong days it can reach up to 130. Every day - between five and six days a week. The chance of those interested in obtaining information on the"black Audi from the Internet"is not particularly big. Here is the atmosphere of wholesale. Only if you know your favorite number, you can head to the desired car in the huge parking lot with a key in hand. To understand the overall system, we tracked this Mercedes CLA - from its delivery to No. 9.
The hour is 9, followed by unloading. Truck drivers do this on their own.

Used wholesale cars: here no one is sitting for long 1

In the morning, the caravans are waiting to start landing at 9am. Today they have also delivered our CLA

9.15 am, receipt of the goods. Has the car received any defects during transportation? An Autohus employee prepares a record of damage to the actual condition of the vehicle. Luck is with this CLA - the car shines in impeccable form.

9.30 am, mini-service. In order not to freeze, the wiper fluid changes, if necessary, the cars are filled with winter diesel. If it is necessary to mount other wheels, the mark on the roof of the car is marked - blue cone. Extra revenue source - Most cars come with two sets of wheels and tires, but are sold with only one. Everything else is available in a separate tire and wheel shop.

9.45 am, preparation. The CLA is washed and cleansed inside and outside for the photo session.

Used wholesale cars: here no one is sitting long 2

Vehicle care sectors
Unmounted wheel assemblies are cleaned in a fine-grained rim cleaning system and then sold separately. After the outdoor washing, cars are cleaned by hand from the inside.

Used wholesale cars: here no one is sitting for long 3

Used wholesale cars: here no one is sitting long 4

10.30 am, checking DEKRA. Previously, however, DEKRA's examining engineers examined the car once more under the magnifying glass and produced a status and damage report with the corresponding repair and pricing proposals. Here you can see every scratch, every stroke of a pebble, each missing switch and the profile of each tire. Independent expertise is the basis for the next processes related to each vehicle. It serves the pricing pricing manager and later makes the business transparent for customers and sellers. However, all of the vehicles delivered here are anonymous, they come from all over Germany, there are also other European countries. Therefore, reliable car status reports are required.

Used wholesale cars: here no one is sitting for long 5

45 minutes each DEKRA examiner examines the exterior of the vehicle

Used wholesale cars: here no one is sitting long 6

11.15 am, photo shoot. Finally, the CLA enters a fully automated photo lab where the car is shot from different perspectives. Photos are automatically added to the car's electronic file and can be viewed later on the web.

Used wholesale cars: here no one is sitting for long 7

The pricing department must set prices between 70 and 80 cars
per day. After 14 days the price is checked and eventually adjusted.

Used wholesale cars: no one is sitting here long 8

Vehicle documents are received at this location

Used wholesale cars: here no one is sitting long 9

Used wholesale cars: here no one is sitting long 10

11.30, price determination, transportation. While pricing manager Dennis Otto calculates the price with a six-month market analysis, this green CLA is waiting to be sorted into a specific place. Fortunately, if you ask Dennis Otto. He is aware that the offered cars are a reflection of the situation on the road and the current taste of the customers. Exceptions may be exciting, but in principle they mean concessions. If you have not ordered a new car in a bright color, you will not buy it as a used car. In the parking lot, we meet the Azmus family from Steinkirchen. They have come to Autohus to keep quiet about different models, have not yet stopped on a particular car. The next morning, customers will be able to see it in the new sign-up section. A few days later the car will be sold. What happened in our case quite quickly can last up to two days for other cars. If some warning lights illuminate, the car is directed to its car dealership service. Expensive cars with a price of around BGN 60,000 are going through the"fast lane"to get into the net as soon as possible and not to keep the capital unnecessarily. The look on the parking lot is surprising. Most cars are black, gray, silver or white. Bright colors like the red GLK are rather exceptions.

Used wholesale cars: here no one is sitting long 11

Consultations are only possible after downloading a number. Private customers can take cars on a leased or credit basis

Maybe the Mercedes A-Class for it, and the BMW 5 Series for it... Maybe they choose something completely different. Here they can look at peace and also test the chosen model in the area. But in fact, only 17 percent of the cars here in Bockel are sold to private customers. Branches in Bremen and Berlin are up to 25 percent. One of these customers is Sandra Dol. At the car receiving center, she expects her Mercedes GLK. She has chosen the car blindly and has now come from Berlin to pick her up. A brave act she does not regret. At 18 o'clock the gates are closed and in the area of ​​105,000 square meters it is calm. But not quite. The night shift begins for the logistics team. Other parking, sorting, scanning. Without constantly listening to the seller's praise for his car. So in the morning it will be clear which car is where it is. And the next caravans will be waiting in front of the gates. An impression confirmed by Wolf Schnakenberg from Bremen:"Diversity has led many who have come for example for the Audi A6 to leave with the Mercedes C-Class."There are also different opinions. Elke Schroeder from Hamburg is disappointed. "There are a lot of car deficiencies,"she says, pointing to the scratched upholstery at the door of an Opel Astra. Wulf Schneckenberg responds:"With the help of DEKRA's independent reports, which we send directly to anyone interested, everything is transparent to us. Each scratch is described. The customer decides whether we, or he himself, will eliminate the damage."Here everyone pours himself a coffee, pulls a number so he can wait for a conversation with a seller who is free at the moment. Of course, all this may seem a little repulsive.