The Fiat models of the 1990s

The Fiat models of the 1990s

For Fiat since 1991, Cinquecento has entered the footsteps of a great legacy, as Torino's small models have made it a major concern. The new"dwarf"is markedly pragmatic, not so lifestyle - it nevertheless records good sales.

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Square, practical, even better: the little Panda gets a facelift in the spring of 1991. Like the Chinese bear, the former millionaire bestseller is threatened with extinction - so it's time for change.

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Beautifying for the pioneer in direct-injection diesel engines: like a hatchback with a large tailgate, Croma has a special position in the 1980s. In 1991, Fiat made Croma's extensive facelift.

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In 1993 Fiat Uno was succeeded by Punto. The design of the new hatchback was made by Giugiaro. Fiat pays special attention to preventing rust, and a year after the debut, the Punto Cabrio complements the model range.

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Enjoy life every day in your own boat: Since 1995 it has become an achievable dream. Barchetta is the answer to Fiat's Mazda MX-5, the founder of the great Roadster-Renaissance. The 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.8 liters is 131 hp. Most Barchetta models nowadays are in German waters.

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No, his homeland is not Emilia Romana. Fiat produces its little Ferrari between 1994 and 2000 with Pininfarina. Author of this impressive bodywork is the designer who later went to BMW, Chris Bengle. This Fiat Coupé is a classic of the future - especially with the 2.0-liter 20-liter Turbo 220 hp.

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The no-frills Italian Passat: in 1996 Fiat launched the Marea, a sedan version of Bravo. The Sea is also based on the compact van Multipla, which polarizes the opinions of 1999.

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AUTO BILD's readers have identified Fiat Multipla as one of the most absurd cars of all time. And the minivan itself managed to get to the New Yorker Museum of Modern Art, New York. We ask: is it not Fiat's designers were hangover on Monday or the strange rounded model with four headlamps is a misunderstood genius? Fiat loses its courage in 2004 - five years after its debut, Multipla has been subjected to a face surgery. In 2010, the model was shut down.

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