ŠKODA FABIA R5 attacked the title in the Bulgarian Rally Championship

ŠKODA FABIA R5 attacked the title in the Bulgarian Rally Championship

Megaport Racing and Euratec Sports Club officially unveiled the new racing car of the Škoda Fabia R5 team during a special ceremony at the importer's showroom in Sofia, where the media and representatives of the motor sport in Bulgaria were present. Tandem Miroslav Angelov and Nedyalko Sivov have already recorded a victory with him during the Drianov Sprint Dryanovo, used by the training team before the start of the season 2018 in the national rally championship, which started with the Tvarditsa rally on 7 and 8 July.

"I am very pleased that we have managed to get such a successful rally car as the Škoda Fabia R5. The waiting list for him is very long and we are honored to be able to compete with him in this season of the rally championship. Thanks to Euratec for our team support. Our goal is not just to fight for championship title, but to participate in such a world-class car to raise the level of sport. I hope other teams will follow our example and have more R5 cars,"said pilot Miroslav Angelov.

"Over the years Euretek Ltd. has traditionally supported the Bulgarian automobile sport in Bulgaria and is the organizer of the first single championships, whether the start of the career of some of the most famous native pilots such as Krum Donchev, Wilhelm Kunchev and Dilyan Popov. Euretek was also the sponsor of the most successful Bulgarian racing driver - Dimitar Iliev, who in the last 4 years of his racing career chose to compete with ŠKODA Fabia S 2000 and became 3 times rally champion of Bulgaria. Today we are happy to continue with these traditions, supporting the Megapart racing team, chosen to compete in the Bulgarian Rally Championship, with the fastest car of the Czech manufacturer - ŠKODA Fabia R5!", Commented Ivan Todorov, manager of Euratetek Ltd.

The Škoda Fabia R5 is one of the most successful racing cars in the class that is the most professional in the sport after the WRC. From 2015 to 2017, the model has 24 WRC2 wins, two world championships and three WRCs. The car weighs 1230 kg and is powered by a 1,6-liter engine with 279 hp. and 420 Nm. Four-wheel drive with mechanical differential front and rear, 5-speed sequential drive.

National Rally Championship 2018

Rally"Tvarditsa"- 7-8 July

Rally"Sliven"- July 27-29

Rally"Old capitals"- 7-9 September

Rally"Serbia"- 22-23 September

Rally Bulgaria - October 12-14