Singer with a 4-liter air cooled boxer

Singer with a 4-liter air cooled boxer

Singer showed us a hot, equipped with a modern technical version of the Porsche 964. The climax: a 4-liter boxer with air-cooled and 500 hp!

Singer Vehicle Design showed its latest Porsche 911 (964): Dynamics and Lightweighting Study, short for DLS, at the Festival of Speed ​​in Goodwood (July 12-15, 2018). The Singer 911 DLS is the first car with the new 4-liter boxer engine developed jointly with the Porsche guru Hans Metsger and Williams. 500 hp and 9,000 revolutions have squeezed experts from an air-cooled unit. The weight of the 990 kg model was achieved by Singer with the use of a lot of carbon, magnesium and titanium. Magnesium wheels are BBS, Carbon-ceramic brakes - of Brembo, and Michelin tires, the magnesium transmission is the work of Hewland. In order to present all these components perfectly on the road, one car rider, Marino Franchti, and the automobile journalist Chris Harris hit one shoulder.

As an impulse to the project, it was a wish of a Singer customer who demanded lower weight and more power for his car. The man is called Scott Blatner and is the owner of the absinthe-green Singer, who in the interior shines with orange seats and other colorful accents. Whatsapp founder and Porsche Yan Coom's collector has also made his 964 available for the new engine. The new Singer with an air cooled boxer is limited to 75 copies. It is not known whether they are already sold out. The production will not take place in California, and Williams in Oxfordshire (England). For now, Singer has not provided information about the price. As Singer's"simple"processing costs around $ 800,000 and 4,000 hours of manual labor, the special series is expected to cost a little more. AUTO BILD suggests that the price will be between 1.6 and 1.8 million leva.

Outboard base for the air-cooled boxer motor is the 3.6-liter 6-cylinder boxer from Porsche 911 (964) since 1990. Its initial power is 250 hp. some of the many modifications on this unit: four valves per cylinder, titanium throttle valves, aluminum throttle valves, carbon intake manifolds, two spray nozzles per cylinder, and a matching air box. We add the aerodynamically improved bottom of the car as well as other highly engineered components. The exhaust system is also improved and can withstand higher temperatures due to the use of an inconel alloy nickel and titanium alloy.

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