Shall we replace or repair the glass after a stone bump?

Shall we replace or repair the glass after a stone bump?

When you drive along the highway and some of the cars cast a pebble in front, it usually hits the windscreen at a speed of over 100 km / h - and one gets a"plush"on the glass. Well, it's not that scary, but the"hurt"place is hardly visible, most people think. However, this is not the case - because what seems totally harmless can over time create serious anger. Over time, the"point"could turn into a large crack that would be a serious safety issue. In addition to the fact that the visibility can be seriously damaged due to defective glass, we should not forget the fact that the glass is part of the body structure. Therefore, one should not neglect the damage and do everything possible to remove it in a short time. Even before you reach the workshop, there are a number of precautions to take to prevent further damage to the glass. Special patches or even plain books from the bookstore do not allow dirt or water to penetrate into the cracks in the damaged area. Stickers, however, can only be used when they do not interfere with the visibility of the driver.

Shall we replace or repair the glass after a stone bump?  1 If the impact is directly in the driver's field of view, repair is impossible.

In the workshop or in the case of a glassmaker, it is not always necessary to replace the entire glass - repair is often sufficient. For him, however, certain prerequisites must be met. Modern laminated glass consists of two layers, including a layer of transparent foil. Repairs are only possible on glasses where the outer layer has been"damaged". In addition, it is not possible to repair glass with damage greater than a coin of two leva, as well as damage less than 10 cm from the edges of the glass.

In the end, whether repairs are possible, determines a specialist. The reprocessing itself takes place in four steps: the initially affected area is cleaned and the remaining tiny pieces of glass are removed from there. Then a vacuum pump is placed on the dam and the hole is filled with a special resin. It is cured with a UV lamp. Polishing follows. Usually it takes about 30 minutes.

Be careful with the car after changing the glass

Shall we replace or repair the glass after a stone bump?  2 A vacuum pump is used to repair the damage and the hole is filled with a special resin.

When replacing the workshop, they first cover the interior, remove the mirror and the corresponding plastic elements that interfere with access to the glass frame. The plastic under the glass, wipers and rubber seals are removed from the outside. All this is related to body twist, which can lead to cracks in the glue and leaks at a later stage. With a thin wire the adhesive is separated from the glass so that the glass can be lifted. Before installing the new glass, excess residue on the glass frame is removed. After the adhesive surface has been primed, special glue is applied to the glass itself and the body frame on the new glass. Then the installation of the glass and then the assembly of all the slats and the peripheral parts. It takes about three hours for the glue to harden. The new glass is ready to withstand full loads only after 48 hours. Within this time, the vehicle should not be exposed to heavy loads that may affect the windscreen. Such loads can be caused by lifting the vehicle (hoist or jack), as well as a more aggressive driving style, parking on a curb with left or right tires or a car wash.

Shall we replace or repair the glass after a stone bump?  3 With new cars, changing glass is expensive as assistant systems use cameras that need calibration.

Typically, new glass with an assembly comes out at around 150-500 leva - here we are talking about the more massive models of second-hand cars driven in Bulgaria. Most Bulgarians turn to Turkish or Chinese glasses because of their lower prices. This amount can swell in times if the car is new and equipped with assistant systems. Electronic camera assistants, such as the tape tracking system, need to be re-calibrated after changing the windscreen.

And what about stickers on the glass? Against 1.45 leva, your insurer will issue you a new Civil Liability - the procedure being linked to a unique number and registration in the Guarantee Fund. According to Art. 10a, para. 5 of the Roads Act, in case of destruction of the glued part of the annual vignette sticker due to fracture or theft of front panoramic glass, after the presentation of the second part of the annual vignette is issued a free annual vignette sticker. It shall be issued to the owner or user of the road vehicle after submission to the appropriate district roadside office of an application to which certain documents mentioned on the site of the API shall be attached.