Prius III of old: what should we be careful about?

Prius III of old: what should we be careful about?

THE BEGINNING OF AUGUST 2017 My old premium used car will continue to rust in Lithuania, and I'm looking for something new. Budget: maximum 16 000 leva. It must be automatic, have an autopilot, be under 100,000 kilometers, spend less than 20 leva / 100 km and be shorter than 4,45 meters. Otherwise, I will not gather in the garage with my motorcycle. And let's not forget to have no anagnage belt or a huge and ragged radiator grille. Otherwise, I have been open to all the variants I have owned from VW Lupo 3L TDI to the Land Rover Defender (from the Smart Cabrio to the SLK 320).

Prius III of old: what should we be careful about?  1 Futuristic cockpit, but once you get used to it, driving is easy

I've looked a lot on the Mercedes C-Class Sportcoupé. Required diesel. But unfortunately it looks terrible: Toyota Prius. Second-generation, produced from 2004 to 2009, with a facelift in 2006. It will be. Because thanks to the electric motor, the hybrid has a great thrust at the start - 476 newtons! I will have to settle for the fact that the miniature 1.5-liter petrol engine at this moment sounds like a kitchen mixer. I'm starting to search. And since I've been writing about used cars for about 26 years, I know their weaknesses. Just like the few in Prius. It is clear from the first view that the problem is not in the car, but in the previous owners. Who have mounted huge rear-view cameras, suspended spoilers, or casually pocketed heating pads under seat upholstery. And most of all, they are tuning the wretched Toyota wherever possible. But I do not find any specimens without rust, many of them with hidden traces of crashes. I do not find the Prius without damage to the body, a result of parking in the city. I'm asking for incidents, but traders do not like answering such questions. And in Bremen I see a copy of 2009, which is completely sprawled. Continue. BMW 1 Series, first generation. Okay, I had to raise the upper limit of the price. But would I like to ride in a car with such a rigid suspension at the age of 54? No way. And then I remembered a car of our long-term tests. Who meets all requirements.

Prius III of old: what should we be careful about?  2 The back of the medal: because of the aerodynamic rear, the review is extremely bad. The rear-view camera is not available as an extra

After 3 weeks of searching I find my car. It does not meet my wishes either by color or by equipment (Sol). Autopilot at 130 km / h, consumption 5.2 l / 100 km. Nothing crap, nothing creaks. When climbing the slope the engine you are, otherwise it is quiet. The annual tax is ridiculously low. I have never paid so little before. Prius, you're a premium. Trial driving takes me directly to Toyota, the craftsman looks at the car carefully. We do not find any oil leaks or traces of incidents. I manage to keep down the price and go home with the temporary numbers. I send a picture of my girlfriend. Her answer:"Oh, hell!"A friend, in love with Audi and the sensations of touch, knocks on the instrument panel of rigid plastic. What about me? I change the oil and travel peacefully to Austria. Seamlessly.


Prius III of old: what should we be careful about?  3

There are cars with a much longer list of flaws. The Prius engine and the hybrid drive are unmarked. When used as a taxi, it is half a kilometer. Leaks of oil? Almost unknown problem! And if something goes wrong, it's usually normal wear. Like a quick rusting exhaust. In the earliest specimens, a display may be damaged, and in very rare cases the start button and the automatic transmission selector fail. Tip: Models after 2006.

Prius III of old: what should we be careful about?  4 Upper engine swab
It can be crashed at a high mileage, then the drive shakes when the load is changed. Prius III of old: what should we be careful about?  5 Aluminum corrosion
Most often on the front cover as a result of pebbles, in the case of the hood. Prius III of old: what should we be careful about?  6 Rain brake
Since it is hardly loaded due to the electric brake, it is good to press it hard from time to time. Prius III of old: what should we be careful about?  7 12-volt battery
The small auxiliary battery is only a spare, changing every 5 years.

Rear spoiler
It may loosen over time. You just have to tighten the bolts.

They are plastic and tend to darken. Tip: Never scrape them!


It was not love at first glance. But half a year later, I'm impressed by the Prius, and no used car has so far produced any more problems. Therefore, the experiment continues.