New Skoda Kodiaq RS record!

In 2018, Skoda will release the sporty Kodiaq RS with a diesel engine from VW Tiguan. Now the SUV has set a record at Nordshielfe on the Nürburgring track!

New record tour! Even before his official appearance, Skoda Kodiaq RS gave a 9: 29.84 minute time at Nordsbreef of Nürburgring. What kind of record is this? For seventy SUVs, of course. With few exceptions, there is a record for every car. For example, the fastest SUV is Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV at 7: 51.7. Well, the"Italian"is twice as powerful as"cheka"- 510 hp, while the Skoda Kodiaq RS is equipped with a 239 hp tweeter diesel engine. and 500 Nm of torque. The stick is covered with a prototype foil. Behind the wheel during the record tour is the Nürburgring aces Sabine Schmitz.

The sporty SUV has a slightly sharper look than the regular Kodiaq, and in the interior we find the typical RS-equipped, sporty seats, sports steering wheel and appropriate pedals. The Dynamic Sound Boost delivers sporty sound, and adjustable DDC shock absorbers ensure steady road behavior. The price of the model will be around 90,000 leva and the official premiere of the Kodiaq RS will be in the autumn of the Paris Motor Show.