Is the Dacia Logan MCV durable after 100,000 km?

Is the Dacia Logan MCV durable after 100,000 km?

The material was published in AUTO BILD Bulgaria in 2010.

Exactly 17 cars. Seventeen. These were all Logan cars that Dacia sold after launching sales in January 2005 in Germany. They would have gathered two trucks. Clients were mistrustful, uncertain, and complained about the dull design. "Who would ask for such a thing?"

It is very simple: all who pay attention to the unbeatable price. In this way, the inexpensive Romanian brand rose from Cinderella to a favorite of all prospective bidders who could finally afford a new, not used car. And these customers have become more and more. All 6026 Dacia, registered only in October 2009 in Germany, would form a column of 12.8 km long caravans.

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The two separate doors are practical, but the middle column makes backward visibility more difficult.

Whoever is so successful is worth respect. But respect must be earned. For example, with long-term test reliability. When in the summer of 2007 Logan MCV Laureate with 1.5-liter turbodiesel"got into work"in the editorial, many skeptics met him. How will this"recycled"Renault be presented, how will this vehicle based on the old Clio technique suffer the load of the long-term test?

The re-utilization of the old Clio features also has a huge advantage:"The Loader of Our Hearts,"so the AUTO BILD veteran Dieter Rodatz has determined it. Let's say: up to 2350 liters boot capacity for 19,470 leva base price, which was increased to 23,460 leva of extras such as air conditioning, side airbags, metallic lacquer and rubber insoles. For this money you can buy only one Polo - or half a Touran.

Is the Dacia Logan MCV durable after 100,000 km?  2

Ventilation regulators are located too low on the center console

Dacia's competitors are called Citroën Berlingo or Renault Kangoo, and this was made clear in Logan's first transport tasks:"I transferred 18 chairs and one desk,"says the logbook. And:"There is a place for a mountain bike!"And the news boss Matthias Mötch wonders"how to fill this obscene large rack."

Very practical: the two rear doors can be released and opened at 180 degrees, the high rear seat folds quickly and easily. Indeed, rear seat passengers enjoy good visibility forward, but complain of insufficient knee space. Apparently, the strict calculations of Dacia did not allow the installation of an adjustable longitudinal rear seat. As well as higher quality materials: cracks appeared soon on the trunk of the trunk, with deep scratches on the plastic parts in the trunk. And the cheap carpet is difficult to clean.

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Thanks to its long wheelbase, Dacia has, without problems, managed surprisingly well with poor roads.

Serious disadvantage: Dacia saves the security

Logan MCV security equipment is poor. Side airbags are not serial - AUTO BILD has always paid attention to this and"punished"him by taking points in comparative tests. And so it is very important that the stationary suspension of a wagon pleasantly surprises us: even at full load, Dacia is dealing with the loosest test without slipping or shifting. And that calms down.

One reason for this lies in the large wheelbase (2.90 meters), which stabilizes the MCV in abrupt maneuvers to avoid obstacles and provides unexpectedly high ride comfort even on the disgusting roads in the Romanian province. With nice flooring, the situation is not that good - then Dacia rides relatively hard and clutches the unevenness. The delight in long trips is disturbed by small"bumps": strong wind noise, difficult rear-wheel drive, bad loudspeakers, steering that over 130 km / h loses its readiness, small and poorly positioned stands, and persistent fear of departure. "The clutch separates very low, how long will it stand?"Asks Henning Kipper expert at 21,000 km.

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For 100,000 km, only the bulbs of the two headlamps and the boot lights were damaged. Dacia has the full right to receive the honorary title"freighter".

However, the only one that was damaged was the fuel level sensor: sometimes it showed too much or too little, and sometimes an empty tank. Changing the sensor did not really improve things. Towards the end of the test, we did not look at the device at all, as the 50-liter tank allowed tremendous transitions without recharging.

The average cost of the test was 6.7 l / 100 km, as the small engine often drove with full gas on the highways. We did not like it - neither in the Fiesta races nor in the mountains around Kassel, except that at a speed of more than 140 km / h the engine becomes quite noisy. And man dreams of more than the sluggish 68 k. Renault, the same dCi with a 103 hp output. Today the engine from our test car is no longer available.

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In all Dacia models, identical gears are used: therefore, there is no red zone on the tachometer

After 50,000 km, our colleague from the archive, Vicki Kok, predicted the recent end of the clutch. The driver's seat was shaking, one of the brakes screeching, the windshield wipers dirty the dirt on the glass, and some Dacia customers complained about the poor quality of the lacquer coating. Our test car did not have any problems in this regard.

The frequent critical remarks about the cheap plastic on the instrument panel apparently had an effect: in the best-selling Sandero Dacia presented a more pleasant cockpit. Carpathian curiosity is also the fact that the air conditioning and ventilation control unit is very low, almost to the feet of the front seat occupants.

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Back home: Logan MCV to the Romanian plant in Pitesti.

At the end, Logan polarizes the opinions:"A used Skoda Octavia TDI would be a better purchase,"says editor Christiane Steiger, while many others quickly get used to the simple car and forgive all the drawbacks, such as Mario Pucchech, for example. "Maybe that's because I did not expect anything like the Romanians and I was pleasantly surprised. "But above all, reliability. The clutch lasted until the end of the test, and after dismantling it proved to be able to carry another 100,000 km.

Between the quest for savings and waste

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The striving for savings in Dacia is evident in the development of the first few bolts of the doors: where there is usually a central socket for the electrical installation, it is necessary first to remove the door trim and carefully separate all the cable connections. This is totally uninteresting in everyday life, but it can be expensive to repair. Savings can also be seen in the seats (rocking and squeaking), the upholstery materials (uneven) and the noise of styrofoam in the legs (crushed). On the other hand, the Romanians did not save on the application of corrosion protection all over the car. Where most expensive brands are prone, Dacia has not saved the material at all. So even the bad roads in Eastern Europe can not hurt the car. It is not saved for both the engine and the transmission. Enforced and well-established Renault aggregates have borne the long test load without any problems. Even the clutch, which has been declared exported at 50,000 kilometers, can still be used for many kilometers. Only one of the spraying nozzles was hot, but it still worked perfectly until the end of the test.

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Is the Dacia Logan MCV durable after 100,000 km?  9

Inside view: cavity preservation is unevenly thick. The protective wax is applied in large quantities, but the layer is not uniformly thick.

Is the Dacia Logan MCV durable after 100,000 km?  10

Savings: complicated door design as the expensive central connector is saved.

Is the Dacia Logan MCV durable after 100,000 km?  11

Light leakage: oil is flowing from the gearbox connection