BMW M Performance Parts Concept: Live the Light!

BMW M Performance Parts Concept: Live the Light!

The original parts and accessories of the M Performance Parts are a sporty look. BMW M Performance Parts Concept created on the basis of M2 weight reduction of more than 60 kg and optimized aerodynamics even more strongly displaced sports settings in the direction of motor sports. Accordingly, the BMW M Performance Parts Concept is presented with Frozen Black exterior with M Performance Foil Gold for highlights and captions. In the interior, exclusivity is emphasized with Alcantara and Carbon, as well as other golden accents. Contributing to this exciting concept is BMW M GmbH, whose motorsport experience has been used in the development of all M Performance Parts.

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The BMW M Performance Parts Concept combines already available M Performance original parts with exclusive concepts. The result is a lower vehicle weight and optimized driving dynamics even when driving on a track. This is achieved through a number of single measures, with carbon having a decisive role. This high-tech material is extremely stable and is considerably lighter than serial details. It also delivers exceptional radiance through its unique vision.

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The impressive M Performance Carbon front decorative grille (BMW M2 Competition will probably be available in July 2018) - which features an accentuating gold line on the concept car - fits perfectly with the M Performance Carbon hood (likely to be available from July 2018) , which only saves 8kg of the serial piece. With 3 kg, the weight of the M Performance front side panels of carbon (likely to be available from July 2018) is reduced by the M Performance, which at the same time optimizes aerodynamics. The high-quality and individual look continues in the form of M Performance front side air holes as well as air holes on the side sills also made of carbon (both are currently available), with a golden accent on the concept. Especially impressive is the M Performance roof of the car, made of carbon, varnished with a clear lacquer (probably will be available from July 2018): it lowers the weight by another 6 kg and further lowers the center of gravity of the car. The set of 19-inch M Performance wheels with 763M Y-shaped spokes in Frozen Gold color (likely to be available from July 2018) with semi-slots not only put a visual accent but are also lighter with 6 kg of the serial wheels. This reduces the sub-masses - with corresponding positive effects on driving dynamics and steering behavior.

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Attentive finish is provided by the M Performance rear bonnet made of carbon (likely to be available from July 2018): it is 5 kg lighter than the serial part, and the carbon M Performance rear diffuser (now available) lowers the weight by 0 , 5 kg, optimizes aerodynamics and has a golden accent in Concept.

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Engine optimization is also evident in the interior: with the BMW M Performance Parts Concept, the acclaimed sports accents are placed by Carbon and Alcantara. M Performance Carbon sports seats with gold-plated stitching offer outstanding lateral support even in a very dynamic driving style. They are upholstered with Alcantara, equipped with folding function for easy access to the rear and lighter with 9 kg of serial sports seats. The Alcantara is upholstered and the M Performance rear seats with a lightweight construction that allow the weight of the car to be reduced by an additional 13 kg. In addition to a laser engraved M logo, they - like the front sports seats - are decorated with a golden contrasting stitch, as is the case with the Alcantara upholstery and the leather of the doors and side panels. M Performance Carbon / Alcantara interior strips also combine two sophisticated materials.

Unmistakable sense of motor sport in the cockpit offers the M Performance Pro steering wheel (already available), also with a golden contrast stitch. In the upper and lower part it is upholstered with leather. The Alcantara in the grip zone provides a superb feel in combination with an extremely pleasant touch experience. On the combination of Carbon and Alcantara, the M Performance Carbon is also fitted with the Alcantara (already available) handbrake lever, which in the BMW M Performance Parts Concept, as well as the insole, has a golden contrasting stitch.

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For perfect driving behavior, even with a competitive driving style, the BMW M Performance Parts Concept uses the M Performance suspension, which is also available as an optional extra assembly kit for production cars. This adjustable suspension allows the vehicle to be lowered by up to 20 mm; the shock absorbers can be independently adjusted to 12 different degrees of bending stiffness and 16 different degrees of hardness upon unfolding. Thanks to these capabilities, the M Performance suspension provides a markedly neutral behavior on the road with significantly reduced body tilting. In body tone, the M Performance springs are black as well as the 18-inch brakes. Additional weight reduction of 14 kg is provided by installing a lighter battery.

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