Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold

Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold

DO NOT KNOW YOU THAT IT IS INCURRED! VW Up participates in the test in golden color. Hyundai gets praise from us because of its seats - they are large, well-tailored and tightly upholstered, and even in the back seat of the i10 you will be most comfortable by everyone in the test. The Cockpit could be of a higher class of cars and, as is typical of Hyundai, is managed seamlessly. This definitely speaks of self-esteem: I am the one to whom the first place belongs rightly! In fact, this varnish is called Honey Yellow Metallic, but it shines suspiciously in gold. Renault Twingo is in Pyrenean white (no extra charge) - this is rather restrained. Hyundai i10 introduces us in Sleek Silver Metallic (extra charge). That is, silver is reaching for gold. In addition, the Koreans just got their model in shape. The facelift is not particularly noticeable - it's mostly focused on security assistants and the modern navigation system. Fortunately, there is still a good place to go - according to our measurements, the i10 is a bit closer than Up and Twingo, but in everyday life this is not noticed at all.

VW takes advantage of its box-shaped design and offers a surprisingly spacious interior space. As with Hyundai, two adults can travel in the back. Well, of course, they will not endure very long transitions. It would have been better if the VW's load edge was covered with plastic - you would get scratches so quickly.

In Twingo, designers have expressed their creative inspiration -"the Frenchman"is more sympathetic than reasonable. Shaky, but unfortunate, that no tachometer is provided.
The front is as spacious as the i10 and Up, but it's not comfortable at the back. Here, the backrest is too vertical - understandable, but behind it is the engine. Rear-mounted engine, rear-wheel drive - sounds quite intriguing. However, this Renault model is not a small Porsche. For this purpose, the 0.9-liter 3-cylinder 90-hp engine. is too restrained. It feels best in the average speed range and then accelerates appropriately.

Hyundai i10

This is the luxury in the class of small cars! The Hyundai i10 is even available with steering wheel heating (standard in Premium), the button is located to the left of the steering wheel. The rear seats are short-range eyebrows.

Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold 1 Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold 2 Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold 3 Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold 4 Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold 5

A Twingo does not overwhelm - non-direct driving does not give you pleasure in driving. His position on the road is a bit unstable and influenced by the side wind.
But maybe we are not fair - the long stretches are not to the taste of Twingo. "The Frenchman"is conceived as a city car - small, chic and maneuverable - here is also helped by the small turning diameter of 8.90 meters.

The latest facelift of Up is from last year - since then, the model is equipped with the modern 3-cylinder turbocharger with 90 hp. It sounds almost like Renault's, but it works a little differently: TSI has more temperament, accelerates agilely and sounds harshly pleasant. It's also good that you can drive at a higher gear - as with a diesel engine, a third gear is enough for everything. Up is a more balanced set-up and nothing makes us nervous here. With lightweight and precise steering, the Wolfsburg model has very good handling and ride quite decent. Equipped, he is confidently handling not only the city but also the interurban roads.


Cockpit décor is a matter of taste, but we have no reputations about the functionality and space of VW Up. The smartphone serves for navigation.

VW_up_CBO05 VW_up_CBO12 VW_up_CBO29 Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold

The Hyundai also does not fall below - while driving a little harder than VW, the Korean model is quite balanced. His management is impeccable and sufficiently direct. Only the i10 engine lags behind this comparison: the 1.2-liter unit with 87 hp. is the only 4-cylinder engine in the test, but is without a turbine and without direct injection. Modeling unit, but nothing more. It needs speed to move fast. But then it becomes noisy. The 4-cylinder engine spends 6.1 liters - as much as TCe in Twingo, while the TSI in the VW is more economical with 5.9 liters.

In its test configuration, the Hyundai i10 1.2 Premium costs 30 000 leva, but let's still explain. The base price is 20 990 BGN, which is in the order of things. However, we add a level of Premium equipment for 6000 leva, which gives him many points in the comfort section. So we have to add a navigation system, which is available only in the Elegance package for 4000 leva in combination with a belt watch assistant, front-end warning system, 15-inch alloy wheels and a non-locked access. Thus, the"stuffed to the visor"with extras comes out 30 thousand levs. Of course, the five-year warranty given by Hyundai is of importance.

Renault Twingo

Twingo's artistic cockpit: a round speedometer device like the Smart brother, but the TomTom live information system (1980 leva) is great. The feeling of spaciousness in the rear seat is good because of the high bodywork.

The Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold 6 Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold 7 The Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold 8 The Battle of Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold 9

At Renault Twingo TCe 90 (not available in our country) the warranty is two years. The test Twingo at the Intens level is available for 28,960 leva, with the 15-inch wheels being serial and the R-Link navigation costing 80 leva.

Up 1.0 TSI with High Up equipment (1105 leva) costs 24 130 leva. 15-inch wheels are standard, the audio system costs 223 leva and maps + more dock - 217 leva. Up can save Honey Yellow in the future. Now gold is for Hyundai.

Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold Check engine oil: remove the cover, pull out six bolts, remove the stick. Not too good in the front...

The Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold 11

Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold 12

The Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold 13 ... remove the lid, then add water to the wipers

The Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold 14

Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold 15

Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold 16

Battle of the Tiny: Hyundai pursues gold 17


REALLY HAPPENS how confident these moves are. They offer complex mobility without any deprivation. Thanks to its generous equipment, the significantly refined multimedia system and the five-year warranty, the refreshed Hyundai wins the race, although it lags behind Up with the powertrain.