Aston Martin's"Monster"with V8

Aston Martin's"Monster"with V8

Cygnet is not a high point in the history of Aston Martin - many people were happy when the production of the Toyota iQ identical to the model was discontinued in 2012 due to the small sales. Now, however, Aston Martin's Q-division breathes life with Cygnet, creating one unit of the atmospheric V8 from the old Vantage S instead of the 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine. The processing is commissioned by a customer, but it does not have any information about the price. Considering the many work on the project, it was certainly not cheap.

Aston Martin's Monster with V8 1

A roller coaster is added to the Cygnet chassis with a right-hand steering and a completely new transmission is made to fit the engine. The trail has been extensively expanded and carbon fenders have been added to cover the 19-inch wheels. The brakes have also been upgraded - with six-piston machines, 380 mm bite discs, front and four-piston units at the rear. The front and rear suspension has two bearers.

Aston Martin's"Monster"with V8 2

The power of the engine is not reduced, so it develops 430 hp, which are sent to the rear wheels through the seven-speed sequential gearbox"Sportshift II". The V8 Cygnet is also quite noisy thanks to the exhaust system with two exhaust pipes.

Aston Martin's"Monster"with the V8 3

Because of all the improvements, the Cygnet weighs 1375kg, but this is less than Vantage S. This way, the tricycle accelerates faster to 100 (in 4.2 seconds) than the donor car. In the interior, we see Recaro saddle seats, Alcantar steering wheel and carbon panel. The appliances are taken by Vantage, but Cygnet has several extras like air conditioning and two USB ports. The Cygnet V8 will be featured at the Speedway Festival in Goodwood this weekend.