Are there enough 1.5 l for driving pleasure?

Are there enough 1.5 l for driving pleasure?

I confess: I'm in love with the MX-5. It's hopeless, since 1990, when the first generation of hidden headlamps showed them, and my eyes grabbed my heart. There followed three more generations, and the question remained the same - is magic still alive? Yes, I'm still crazy about this model! Now Fastback is now available with the smaller 131 hp engine. The abbreviation RF comes from Retractable Fastback - and is a retro version of the MX-5 in the style of the 1960s.

It is very chic, with two curves, starting from the roof and reaching the rear wheel. The upright rear window resembles an old Corvette, Jaguar or Ferrari Dino. Impressive! This is a cabrio that one will never want to open - but once it does, the blades remain, and the air passes through the opening above the heads and comes out of the hidden rear glass. The wind does not feel as strong as the more advantageous roadster, where the rack is completely hidden but powerful enough to"turn"your head. We are now removing the glass and this MX-5 Targa, which due to Porsche's rights is not right to say that, and we feel the current straight to the waist. And the bell is not hindered at all by the small 4-cylinder engine that has only 131 hp. - instead of 160 in the top modification with a working volume of 2.0 liters.

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But what does it mean in the"only"case? The 1.5-liter unit may lack the image, but not the power and readiness to"twist". Its 131 horsepower is finely tuned through the 6 gears, the revolutions as a joke reach 7000, and on the highway you have no problem to wear 200. At such times you will be burdened by significantly less noise than the MX-5 with Textile Roof - here you will be able to listen to Ed Sheeron at 160 km / h, even under the quieter I See Fire. The suspension will not disturb you - because the RF is set a little softer. Thanks, Mazda! Apparently the Japanese have sensed that there are people who love the roadster but do not want to have an imprint of any unevenness on their backs. Who does not need to feel the MX-5 like a kart, will be happier with RF.

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Because this Mazda is a 100-percent MX-5 to the"shoulder line"- and requires a portion of passion every day. Inside is so tight that in the winter a man wants to take off his jacket before sitting behind the wheel. But where to put it? There is only space in the trunk, which is already half full. There is no glove compartment - just a niche between the seats.

High traffic lights remain invisible to you, and each climb and descent gives out what your back is. But the balls are"paid off"in the first kilometer: because RF captures all the senses. It turns around as soon as one thinks to change the trajectory, and the accelerator peddles even the"jogging"at your feet. The gears move so finely on their way that in winter you can feel the oil in the box thicken. No other car is so straightforward and direct!

Are there enough 1.5 l for driving pleasure?  3

Technical Data of the Mazda MX-5 RF Skyactive-G 131 • Engine: 4-cylinder, front overhang. • Working volume: 1496 cm³ • Max. power: 96 kW (131 hp) at 7000 rpm • Max. torque: 150 Nm at 4800 rpm • Drive: Rear, 6-step. manual transmission • Y / W: 3915/1735/1230 mm • Weight: 1015 kg • Load capacity: 127 l • 0-100 km / h: 8.6 sec • Max. speed: 203 km / h • Test Cost: 6.6 l A95 H • CO2 emissions: 156 g / km


The new Baseback Fastback is an accessible athlete that proves that you do not need an expensive and beastly powerful machine to experience real driving pleasure. Anyone who decides to save their mark on the 2-liter unit will not be disappointed.

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