A Lexus for gods!

A Lexus for gods! City lights: with the yellow flash named Lexus LC 500 along the operetta of"Reperban"

"SHEFE, AT YOUR CASH - Tomorrow I will not go to work. I have an appointment at night."The boss nods. With gasoline? Yes! But with the power of two hearts, with an electric motor for lower cost. Now I'm pushing the accelerator pedal on this Coupé rocket, and I'm just getting bumpy. Five liters of capacity, 8 cylinders, 477 hp, atmospheric engine, turbo-free, true sound, no pseudo-sound. It's really amazing that Lexus is producing such a car. But we have petrol in the blood and we do not mind: we will enjoy this Lexus before the time of castrated engines and boring models. Me, editor May of AUTO BILD, now I'm just going to crawl. The night of"Reperban"in Hamburg. Two blondes are winking - oh, I think, cars make people. Thank you, the Lexus LC 500, a yellow monster with narrow headlamps, a thin grille and a huge rear. Just Lexus, right? Toyota's noble brand, which sees itself as a hybrid pioneer and angel of ecology. With diesel? Nonsense!

A Lexus for gods!  1 UNESCO World Heritage Site:"Spiehehrstadt"in Hamburg is the world's largest warehouse and cultural monument. Vehicles with a V8 atmospheric engine such as the Lexus LC 500 are also part of this legacy

Hamburg, the center - well, I know the city, because navigation does not help me. The Lexus does not have a touchscreen or a push / rotate switch, but just a pad on which you move your fingers and you press. In the lobby of Shmid Theater every Friday at 23 o'clock there is a karaoke bar. They make noise, but Lexus is louder. An incredible thunder makes this"Japanese"! It's not like Metallica, but rather like classical music. If you're in a parking lot, it's not that easy at all. For example, if you want to adjust the seat heating, you move your finger to the right, then up, then left, then go to the menu... I do not need a thing like that at all. In front of me, Marvin (20) comes up with my mountainbike and looks at my 4.77-meter-long car:"Can you run up to 6500?"No problem, it's not even in the red zone of the tachometer. It starts at 7000 revolutions per minute, then Lexus has its full power and raises 270 light on the highway. Here, in the city, of course not, here we are just going to ride calmly. We return to Reperban. At"Davidstrasse"Street, turn left - there is the most famous police station in Germany. I stop right - well, it's not entirely allowed.

A Lexus for gods!  2 The sound will directly bias you: The 5-liter V8 is atmospheric and highly revitalized. Its red zone starts at 7000 rpm. What comes out of the two exhausts will make every person dependent on gasoline in the blood. The good thing about Lexus is that in Germany Lexus is considerably less frequent than 911 and everyone turns after you.

In front of a bar I meet two colleagues - I immediately brag about them with the car. "Do you want a circle? No - to both questions. It should be a pleasure! And when you press the accelerator pedal to the hole, the stopwatch will have to show the 4 as the first number - in this case, 4.7 seconds, with the Porsche 911 being just one flash faster, but it is by no means a lot cooler. This"Japanese"just makes you want to give gas to the sheet metal - though it's not the right place for it at all. Still, I think today I can afford everything with this Lexus. I ask, looking back at the backseat. "We can leave it for tomorrow too,"I add. Only two of the seven dwarves will fit in the back seat - but the question arises immediately: if they get in, how do you get them? The seats are moved back and forth electrically, but in the rear seat you can leave only a few luggage. And you'll have to, because the miniature rack is only 197 liters. The same size is Renault Scénic's glove compartment. May, who gathers the eyes of tourists, asks: is it necessary for such an 8-cylinder motorcar to be practical? Should Gran Turismo from the old school be reasonable?

A Lexus for gods!  3 The fall of Lexus is not a luxurious multimedia system - first move your finger, then you confirm. It's up, but not in motion.


Engine 5.0 liters, V8 Power 351 kW (477 hp) at 7100 rpm Cost 11.5 l (according to manufacturer), 11.8 l (test) Y / Y / C 4770/1920/1345 mm Max. speed 270 km / h Price 200 000 leva

Acceleration 0-100 / 200 km / h: 4.9 / 15.4 sec Elasticity 60-100 / 80-120 km / h: 2.4 / 2.8 seconds Brake path cold / warm: 36.2 / 35.7 m Weight (empty) 1967 kg Spread. of the weight back / rear: 54/46%

A Lexus for gods!  4 CONCLUSION

For God, Lexus! We did not expect a V8 atmospheric aggregate with five liters of volume, 477 hp. and"I do not care"fuel consumption. It's good that there are still such cars. And this one is so perfect! The LC 500 is the Gran Turismo that we would like to own: elegant, top-up, always with enough power. For God, Lexus!

A Lexus for gods!  5

A Lexus for gods!  6